Episode 27

How We Bury the Dead

with Laura and Anthony


by | May 10, 2021 | Featured | 0 comments

Uncovering the connection felt by Odd Fellows to their work within the Funeral Services industries has taken some time, but here it is. Billy hosted Sister Laura Van Sprang and Brother Anthony Black from Sands Victoria to discuss how they see the connection of Burying the Dead, and Relieving the Distressed. Laura and Anthony take us through how preparation can relieve so much of the distress sudden survivors might feel, as well has how even with COVID restriction the industry rapidly adjusted to be supportive of families. Podcasts are great ways to learn about a person and their experiences. Enjoy! 

Hosts & Guests

Billy Sanderson

Laura Van Sprang

Anthony Black


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Music this Episode

Intro – Six Feet Under

Outro – Led Zepplin – In My Time of Dying

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