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This funny looking guy talking about Odd Fellows stuff.

 That smart looking guy making the first guy laugh.


PodFather Billy

PodFather Billy


Pod Fellow Josh

Pod Fellow Josh


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Introductory Episode

listen to me first

Introducing the MGR podcast and the co-hosts. ahhh you know…that’s Billy and Josh.

Episode 1    |    28min

Episode 3 – Building Big with Ainslie Heilich

Episode 3 Building Big with Ainslie Heilich Joined by the wonderful Ainslie Heilich of Tuscola Lodge #316, in Tuscola IL. Josh and Billy learn about Ainslie's discovery of Odd Fellows and how he re-instituted the lodge after a 60 year slumber. Ainslie is a builder in...

Episode 2 – B4 your doubt them

Episode 2 B4 you doubt them Josh takes a night off so Billy can interview Sister Becky Auld of Bastion Lodge #4 in Victoria, BC. Becky is also the Grand Secretary for the province of British Columbia. The conversation winds through the building of energy to a point...

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