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This funny looking guy talking about Odd Fellows stuff.

 That smart looking guy making the first guy laugh.


PodFather Billy

PodFather Billy


Pod Fellow Josh

Pod Fellow Josh


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Introductory Episode

listen to me first

Introducing the MGR podcast and the co-hosts. ahhh you know…that’s Billy and Josh.

Episode 1    |    28min

Ep. 26 – Odd Banter is Back

Episode 26 Odd Banter is Back   Josh and Billy hit topics from the current events in Oddfellowship that have touched us to be thankful and hopeful that as strange as the world is right now, we can see some familiarity around us, and new adventures awaiting us....

Ep. 25 – Goats of Greenville

Episode 25 Goats of Greenville with John Goldsmith   Saddle up! John Goldsmith of the DeMoulin Museum in Greenville, IL takes Billy and Josh on a magical ride through the history of the DeMoulin company, his family connection, the museum and the travails of goat...

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