Episode 21

More Needs to be Said


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A new year is shining upon the Modern Goat Rider so Josh and Billy take time to follow-up on topics from 2020 that needed to be continued and then turn their eyes on the brilliant hopes of 2021. Special guest PG & GP Randall Leavitt of Victoria Lodge #13 in Fredericton, NB drops in for an impromptu call. Plenty of laughs on just about every topic.

CORRECTIONS: Billy said that Randall was based in Nova Scotia, when in truth it is New Brunswick. And Christy Matthewson was born in Factoryville, PA, but is most certainly resting in Lewisburg, PA 

Hosts & Guests

Billy Sanderson

Josh Miller

Randall Leavitt


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Music this Episode

Intro – Anthony Shackell

Outro- Drew Ericksen

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